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Name that Manufacturer!!


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Dear Donald,

i myself saw one the other day and thought how cool. They were used in a re-roof/re-insulation job by a local contractor here in the Chicago Burbs. Not sure if the buyer bought the house, but would be more than happy to get the info if they did, and would have the documentation showing who the manufacturer was or who the roofer was that installed them.

Although I do not remember them on the soffit apex, I do remember them on the soffit eaves.

I thought that it was impressive to see the vent channels (in the attic), glow from the amount of light the soffit vents were allowing in and how I thought the roofing would last due to the excellent ventilation and insulation (batt and fill)that was around R-45.

I'll follow up and will keep my eye open out for you as well.


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