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Wonder how many hands touched this as it went in?

Bill Kibbel

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Hi Bill,

The memory of how I did that is fuzzy. I suspect you'd already had a photo used in that category and I simply edited the post by pasting in Jim's stuff when I updated the home page photo. If it's buggin' you, I'll be happy to delete it.



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"If it's buggin' you, I'll be happy to delete it."

Not at all. I just noticed the pic for the first time, even though it's been down there on the bottom of the home page for 2 months. When I clicked the link below it, I just thought it was odd that I posted it. As an HI, I guess I'm just conditioned to disclaim everything.

"Jeeze Bill, that looks like a new house to me. We all know you don't inspect new houses."

What's that pink stuff between the joists?

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