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Jim Baird

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This is view from below of jet tub, with direct sunlight. Sure looks thin don't it? I never saw one like this but because of the unusual light I didn't say any thing except point out that the tail piece was leaking and the "feets" of the tuub did not touch anywhere, making the whole unit rest on its rim. Sheesh!

Click for photo (30763 Bytes)

Click for photo (42001 Bytes)

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Hi Jim,

For future reference, when you copy a shortcut to a picture on IN into TIJ, you need to add quotation marks to the URL code. Place the first set after url= and the second set before the second bracket. That way, it will display just the words "click for photo" and not the entire code. I've fixed your links. There's an explanation of this in the FAQ section. Just go to the menu bar above wehre it says "Help FAQ" and select FAQ from the drop-down.



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