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ID these Transformers?


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Can anyone ID these transformers?

I found them installed in cabinets. There's a sticker on them that says "General Transformer Type I Enclosure"

There's also a sticker on them that says something to the effect of "Do not install where the enclosure can entrap heat"

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I'd like to have the installation instructions. The Romex was not in conduit, there were no grommets or strain relief where the Romex entered the transformer. I'd also like to know if they can be installed inside wood cabinets.

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These were for small lights that outlined cabinet openings and to backlight glass faced cabinet doors.

This was new construction and it did look like a DIY job. The Electrician used a 1/2" hole saw where a much smaller hole could have been used to run the Romex through the cabinet.

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