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Electrical Head Scratcher

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I ran across something odd today on a new construction inspection and wanted to see if anyone had this happen before.

I was testing a Jacuzzi tub duplex receptacle for GFCI protection with the pump running and I plugged in the lower outlet with my receptacle tester and got an open hot reading. I then moved the plug into the lower outlet and my tester to the upper outlet and got the same reading. I went and got my digital multi-meter to check the voltage and got less than a volt reading on it. Now I am really confused, so I plugged the pump back in and it ran it as I did before and I let it run for 10 minutes like I normally do and went back and plugged the tester back in and got the 2 yellow lights for a normal reading. I came back a few minutes later to check again and got the open hot reading again, unbelieveable. By now I had burned enough time messing with it, so I installed access panel and moved on. Has anyone had anything like this happen?

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