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Washington H.I.'s Respond to Proposed Legislation


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By Mike O'Handley

On January 9th, Washington State Senators Spanel and Kohl-Welles introduced legislation to require registration of all home inspectors in the State of Washington. As is the custom in Olympia, that bill, Senate Bill 6229, was immediately sent to a sunrise review committee to determine whether there is a need for such legislation, and it is anticipated that it will resurface.

In response to that legislation, which many inspectors saw as not representative of the home inspectors in the state, a concerned group of home inspectors met to form a broad coalition, representative of all major organizations and independent inspectors in the state, to address the question of home inspector legislation in Washington State.

This group, the Washington Home Inspectors Legislative Advisory Group, meets monthly and is seeking input pro or con about home inspection legislation from all concerned Washington State home inspectors.

Click on the first link below to download a copy of the group's introductory letter and to find out how to submit your input.

The second and third links are to the bill's digest and to the actual proposed law as it was introduced.

Download Attachment: icon_word.gif LetterOfIntroduction.doc

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Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif 6229_Digest.pdf

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Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif 6229_The_whole_thing.pdf

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