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British Inspectors Demand Government Oversight


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The National Association of Licensed Home Inspectors (NALHI), one of several professional home inspectors associations that sprang up in the United Kingdom after thousands of prospective home inspectors began their training, has demanded that the British government closely monitor the voluntary Home Condition Report (HCR) aspect of home information packets (HIPS) when HIPS are officially implemented in June 2007.

Up until July 19th, HCR's were a mandatory integral component of HIPS, but the British government, bowing to pressure and criticism from the real estate and mortgage lender professions that the mandatory HCR would financially strap sellers, pulled the HCR component from the HIP and made it voluntary. This sent the infant home inspection profession into a tailspin and many inspectors in training saw their employment prospects dry up when firms that had planned to hire them lost their financing and folded after the July 18th announcement.

The government has assured prospective home inspectors that at some future point the HCR will be re-instituted, but NALHI and other inspector associations want more assurances.

To read the complete story click here.

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