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Illinois new Mandatory CO Alarm Exemptions


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In the new Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector Act for the State of Illinois, it states under Section 20. Exemptions. (2) "A residential unit that is not sufficiently close to any source of carbon monoxide so as to be at risk of receiving carbon monoxide from the source, as determined by the local building commissioner."

I have a client inquiring about their building which is a 176 unit building (retirement home). Their main mechanical units are centrally located through out the building, but not in the units themselves. The actual township has no real building commission. Should they refer to the State Fire Marshall's office, to determine if the residential units are sufficiently close? What other agencies would handle/Enforce such a matter?

Here is a link to view the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector Act:

http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/publica ... 741&GA=094

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Boy, I'm not sure anyone other than a State of IL bureaucrat could piece together something so specifically vague as that little gem.

I can see the "building commissioner" now, staring @ things they don't understand, trying to "calculate" whether or not CO could find it's way to a residential unit.

I think I'm just gonna stick w/my "hey everyone, install a CO monitor in your house" approach.......

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