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Article Details 44 Ways to Shave Energy Costs


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Just a word of caution about handing out copies of this or any other article from any source. This stuff is copyrighted and can not be reprinted legally without permission.

Steve Brooten

Well that might be true with some material, but much of the material on the Internet is considered "Public Domain". Now on this article it even has a print button built into it, so I think it is OK.

If you are ever in doubt, all you have to do is give credit to the author of the article.

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Let's get real here. Copyright has a lot to do with the question of whether someone is profitting from the work. Naturally, the author of the piece wants to paid for his/her work. So, if you print out this article as a handout and then charge your clients for it, instead of giving it to the client free, you've deprived the author of the potential income from that source and have essentially stolen the work. Nobody here has told you to do that and I certainly hope that nobody does.

However, the intent of the article - being published in a publicly available magazine and placed on the internet as a free-to-download-and-print document - is for it to get maximum distribution and for people to know where it comes from.

The author was paid by PM for his work, so he's no longer entitled to it and it belongs to PM. If someone sells that, they are cheating PM. However, if they print it out and give it to people that it was meant for - homeowners - free of charge, they are helping to distribute it to PM's target audience and the information crediting PM as the source on the printout drives that audience back to PM.

Lighten up folks. It's the internet and it's about sharing information. Why do you think TIJ exists?



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