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For the all the home inspectors out there, I want to get your opinion on the quality of KB Homes.

I'm considering buying a 5 year old KB Home in Woodstock, GA. I've heard bad things about them, but usually I hear about it in CO,FL,CA, and TX. But if anyone has had any experiences with inspecting them in GA, or anywhere, I'd really love to hear waht you think of them. Thanks guys,

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Originally posted by johnmcda

I have inspected a number of KB homes in your area. I generally find the quality depends on the local site supervisor - the quality varies widely.

Make sure you get a qualified inspector.

I completely agree, and it is the same no matter which builder you go with. I have seen homes by the same builder in different neighborhoods, and found the quality to be completely different. Hopefully you have some friends that are HI's in the area that will do the inspection for you. You don't want to do it yourself, there are emotions and ethics involved.

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As others have said, it all depends on the area and supervisor. Based on my experience I would not say that they are any better or any worse than the average home builder. What gets them into trouble is that they are under a time line to get the house done. If time starts running short so will the quality. Again, just like the average home builder.

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