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I teach several hi classes at our local college. I am trying to update some of my stats on est numbers of hi in the U.S. Looked at NACHI all they seem to have is the number of hits to their multitude of web addresses. ASHI doesn't seem to have any that I could find.Point me in the right direction.

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ASHI has as of today 6871

NACHI according to Nick has around 9,200

NAHI has around 1200

These are the larger national organizations.

It has been estimated that we have around 70,000 home inspectors in the USA. About 40% of those are full-time. This is based on the numbers in licensed states, associations (state and national)and from E&O providers.

Keep in mind that we we have a high failure rate in this profession. We lose about 75% of all first year inspectors. So the numbers that the various associations report are kind of deceiving. ASHI tends to get less new or first year inspectors than the other organizations, so their numbers are a little more consistent from year to year.

Hope this helps

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Wow. I can remember when just 5 years ago there was disagreement whether the number was 20,000 or 25,000, with some of those in a position to know, because they were involved with national training organizations, saying that 25,000 was too high a number.

Almost a three-fold increase. Back then we had a lot fewer states with licensing too - about 15 to 20 I think. No wonder fees have been stagnant for so long.



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"The key is in the full-time inspectors. It is almost impossible to put a solid number on the part-time inspectors, they come and go like a stray cat."

Ain't that the truth... One of my competitors installs satellite dishes full time and does a little inspecting on the side. Another one is the handyman for one of the local real estate companies. No conflict of interest there...

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