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I have had some clients get upset at me for recommending a course of action that was intended to lead to an adequate repair and not a "perfect" one. So I got a couple of questions.

Do you or should HI's discuss this with our clients before we write the recommendation?

If a client asked you to recommend a course of action that was intended to lead to a "perfect" repair, for example complete replacement etc., when it was clear that a recommendation for repair was adequate and when it's obvious the intention is to use it against the seller, would you do it? Is that ethical?

Chris, Oregon

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I tell them that when I inspect and make recommendations I'm thinking 'best case' repair, but that's not the real world and they need to recognize that reality. I tell them that if I put 30 contractors in a room and give them one task to do that I'd fully expect to see it done at least half a dozen different ways - some better than others - but that, if I'm reinspecting it, I'm not looking to see if it's been done the way that I'd do it, only whether it'll work.

If they want to polish bolts, that's up to them, I'm not going to do it for them.

OT - OF!!!


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Inspected a remodeled 1845 house the other day. Owner asked me "what do you recommend I do with this 32 years old gas fired boiler?" The easiest answer is -1. replace it

-2. Service it(professionally) and keep an I on it.

-3.Leave it alone and hope it lasts.

I've seen 60 years old coal/gas fired boilers still working! Grossly inefficient. Cranking heat!!

Lots of disclaimer boiler plate. I write it up to CYA (1)-but I may verbally discuss (2&3) options. They are paying for my recommendations.[:-banghea

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