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  1. Background noise: Material manager for an electronic manufacturer Valve buyer for the Quincy Shipyard Acoustical ceiling contractor Occasional home handyman (tuition years) HI -1990 to present Helped pay for six college degrees Some of these gigs overlapped. *Getting ready to work on my golf handicap full time.Ma.&Me.&Fl.* [8D]
  2. Have it tested? Ground water is not treated.[:-banghea
  3. Good luck. See you around Needham (on the charles) and Bridgton in July.I was expecting to hear some horror story's about the Needham RE Agents. They are a tough bunch. Let's break bread before the fourth![:-party]
  4. Mike: Happy Thanksgiving--TIJ has save my Irish Arse on a number of occasions. Jimmy: I put the Needham FD on alert All: Happy Thanksgiving Armed Forces: Thank You for serving[8D]
  5. When I see aroma candles lit, cookies/brownies baking, or any"covering" smell,I start looking(smelling) for the problem. Dog/cat dishes get special attention. Evidence of Kilz and fresh paint. You can not smell CLEAN! "the nose knows"[:-banghea
  6. Sorry for your loss. He is a legend in the New England H I scene. My next Guinness will be in his honor.
  7. 9/11/01..My daughter rode the PATH to the towers rail station. Got off the train and walked out of the rail station(under the towers) at 8:45. Walked to Water Street to work. Her office (40 floors up) was in a panic . She saw the second plane hit. She was directed to go to the "air raid shelter" in the basement to wait out the event. The men in the office surrendered their tee shirts to be cut and made into filters. She walked 40 blocks out of lower Manhattan around 3:00PM. Long and terrifying day for the Aherns of Needham,Ma. We know where we were on that day.
  8. Rob----You forgot to mention West Roxbury or Needham on the Charles. Some of us can not sleep soundly without a mountain nearby. I have no fear of crossing the "M R Bridge".[8D]
  9. Reminds me of Killington, Vt on May day. Usually enough snow to get you to the lodge for a Guinness. Ahhh the old days [8D]
  10. Happy Birthday TIJ. I like walking into this building ? Nobody is trying to change my way of thinking or trying to sell me stuff I don't need. I get honest opinions/information. Most HIs are not willing followers. Some information gained here has saved me a ton of dough $$. Please keep going kids. [8D]
  11. Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year. "Long may you run" [:-party]
  12. Got 5 red squirrels over the course of 4 days with "glue traps". Only way to go. Set up a snap trap with peanut butter and the glue traps surrounding it. Had to administer a sharp hammer blow to the twitching squirrel. Picked it up with a long needle nose--into a plastic bag-- off to the Bridgton dump. Sweet [8D]
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