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Kewaunee, WI

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It's about 25 miles east of Green Bay, WI on Lake Michigan.

I've got a customer looking for an inspection on an 1894 "victorian" home overlooking Lake Michigan. I, unfortunately, can't get there for approx. 3 weeks as I'm currently buried in work.

It's about 3-4 hours north of Chicago depending on how maniacally one cares to motor.

Anyone? You MUST have substantial experience and background in historic buildings, 'nuff said.

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This is in my neck of the woods and although I have looked at a few of these my experience is limited. I was thinking John Gieger might be of interest. He sees a lot of these working the eastside of Milwaukee. I don't know if this is beyond where he would travel.

Home Examiner, Inc

2040 E. Lafayette Pl.,

Milwaukee , WI 53202

P: 414-226-1696

F: 414-277-2040

Send Email

Web: www.homex-inspections.com

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Hey Guys,

Thank you for checking my web site out. I would have never caught this till it was to late. Scott you weren't to far off but this turned out to be something closer to the old switching of the long distance carrier scams. Back up an running now, was down for only one day. Was wondering why I didn't get any spam yesterday.

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