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More fuel for the fire?

Richard Moore

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(B) Sizes Larger Than 6 AWG. An insulated grounded

conductor larger than 6 AWG shall be identified either by a

continuous white or gray outer finish or by three continuous

white stripes on other than green insulation along its entire

length or at the time of installation by a distinctive white

marking at its terminations. This marking shall encircle the

conductor or insulation.

OK.....not really trying to be picky here....but in my 20 years I have not recalled seeing the " Grounded " conductor in a 120/240 panel ever being "Yellow"......very interesting as yellow as actually used in some areas as a ungrounded conductor...gotta love it.

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I wrote up the panel for the overspray and access (oh, and double-tapped neutrals). On the access, you could open the panel door about 45 degrees and get to the breakers (just) but ,obviously, not good enough. I recommended moving the panel OR getting a low profile fridge.

On the yellow grounded conductor...I did not report that. There were zero other electrical problems in this 1980 home other than upgrade to some GFCIs. While it is the wrong color, it is distinctive, sized correctly and not affecting the safety or function to my client. I really can't get excited about it and would be OK leaving it that way with the new panel. I'll let the electrician handle that.

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