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Anyone catch judge Alex today


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Someone called me into the living room today with the news that there was a home inspector in court being sued on television. Turns out it was one of those numerous court room TV shows. This one was Judge Alex, and this one a woman and her husband were suing the home inspector for $4500, the price of a new roof. In his inspection report he took pictures of defective flashing around the chimney and one of the vent stacks. However he did not report that a substantial portion of the ceiling would collapse anytime, as this is what happened when the husband went to paint the ceiling. The home inspector defended himself stating that portion of the attic was too dangerous for his inspector to reach. Since the inspector did report on possible water intrusion the judge ruled in his favor. Note the interesting part is he also stated that the inspector would only be liable for the price of the inspection in this case a $300 fee. This took place in North Carolina, is that the law of the state. If so I guess E%O insurance is now a thing of the past. Anyway just curious if anybody saw this show it was on Fox.

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