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Radon testing in Wisconsin

Ed Ochs

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Just getting started in home inspection, forgive some of my ignorance..

all exams completed and waiting on State R & L to confirm passing State exam...(yes, pretty new) which means I'm afraid I'm getting pushed around a little.

My wife & I are relocating to a larger city and have talked to some of the realtors as we walked thru some of the possible homes we're interested in, I was alittle put off by the realtor, telling me that you can't do a radon test on a home if the seller didn't authorize it prior to inspection...

I didn't say anything other than I would consider it a condition of the sale if the buyer wants one and is paying for it, why would the seller have any say in it...am I missing something in the translation...

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but but if someone requests a home inspection as a contingency and I offer a radon test as an addition to HI is that wrong...

Love to hear your comments...

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When doing a home inspection for the buyer you are there with the sellers permision given in the home inspection contigency as defined by state statutes, a radon test is not part of this. A buyer needs to write radon testing in as a seperate contigency in thier offer to purchase. If the offer to purchase has been formalized then it is too late and they will have to what till they are the owners.

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