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Home Inspectors Not Screened For Qualifications


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This piece from WBAL-TV11 in Baltimore, Maryland explores the lack of screening of those in the home inspection profession in the State of Maryland.

The investigative reporter, Jayne Miller, looks at the case of a charter member of the Chesapeake chapter of one of the national home inspector associations.

It seems this "inspector" had recently done an inspection where he demonstrated his competence level by not entering an accessible attic space and thus not finding a jackleg repair that later caused a ceiling to fall on a women asleep in her bed.

The reporter explains that she had investigated the guy 17 years before, when as a contractor he'd left a long list of customers holding the bag after taking their money for work that wasn't completed. Convicted in 1990 for operating without a license and passing bad checks, he apparently wasn't satisfied with giving all of Maryland's contractors a bad name, now he's trying - and apparently with good success - to do the same thing for the home inspection profession in that state.

This individual is a stellar example of why our profession needs more stringent entry requirements. Want to read more about a true horse's ass with teeth? If so, click here.

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Without disagreeing with anything you posted Mike, what I get from that article is that this guy is a lazy bastard without the personal ethics to do a decent job. I doubt that any affiliation or association would change that. I suspect that after January, he will be a licensed lazy bastard without the personal ethics to do a decent job.

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