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Attention All Washington Home Inspectors !!!!

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State of Washingtonid="size5">id="green">Department of LicensingPO Box 9020 Olympia, Washington 98507



The Department of Licensing (DOL) would like to invite you to attend public hearings being held pertaining to the Home Inspector profession. The purpose of these hearings will be to provide an opportunity for interested individuals and organizations to provide testimony regarding possible regulation of the profession. This hearing is being conducted per ESSB 5788, which requires public hearings to be hosted by DOL during a study of the Home Inspector profession.

FIRST HEATINGThe first hearing will be for inspectors west of the Cascades.

WHEREWashington State Criminal Justice Training Commission19010 First Ave SouthBurien, Washington 98148-2055Room # C151

(Click here to download and print a pdf map to the Burien hearing location.)

WHENJune 13th, 20071:00 PM to 5 PM

COMMENTS AND QUESTIONSWe welcome your comments or questions. If you have questions, please send them or attend the hearing. If you cannot attend the hearing and wish to provide comments on your position, please forward them to Bruce Chunn (address below).

WHO IS INVITED?This is a public hearing and anyone wishing to attend is invited. We ask that you spread the word among your peers so that we can reach the greatest number of people who may wish to participate.

SECOND MEETINGThere will also be a second public hearing held for inspectors east of the Cascades.

WHEREWashington State Department of Transportation (DOT)Office Conference Room1551 North Wenatchee AvenueWenatchee, WA 98801(Click here to download and print a map to the Wenatchee hearing location.)

WHENJuly 11th, 20071:00 PM to 5 PM

WHO TO CONTACTBruce ChunnResearch and Planning OfficeDepartment of Licensing1125 Washington St. SEPO Box 9030Olympia, WA 98507-9030Mail Stop 48027Phone (360) 902-0119Email: bchunn@dol.wa.gov



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The following is the text of an email message sent out by Bruce Chunn, DOL, to home inspectors in Washington State.

Home Inspector Public Hearing Stakeholders,

In order to ensure we hold the upcoming Home Inspector public hearings as efficiently as possible, we would like to provide some information to you about the format of the meeting and some suggested topics you may wish to address. If you have any questions about the hearings after reading this, please feel free to contact me, Bruce Chunn (contact information below).

We've had quite a lot of interest in the topic and we expect a large turnout at the hearings. If you can be present, that would be great. If you cannot make either hearing, please note that you can provide any statement you'd care to make in writing and sending it in. Written comments will be given equal importance in the compiling of the report DOL will complete. Please ensure you include your name and contact information on the written comments.

Both hearings will be conducted in essentially the same manner. We'll outline the basics:

1) There will be a sign-in sheet and the order of speakers will follow the sheet (#1 is first, etc).

2) The sign-in sheet will be available at the hearing location for one-hour prior to the scheduled start time at 1:00 PM.

3) At the start we will spend a few minutes giving a short talk about why the hearing is occurring, what prompted it, and what DOL's role is in the process.

4) The time allowed per speaker will be approximately the time allowed divided by the number of speakers.

5) We will have a single speaker at a time in front of the audience and will try to allow his/her comments to be presented without interruption.

6) We have a few suggested topics to consider that we think are pertinent to the process.

· Would regulation of Home Inspectors be beneficial to the industry?

· Would regulation of Home Inspectors be beneficial to the consumer?

· Are Home Inspectors consistent in the services provided to consumers?

· Is self-regulation of Home Inspectors working sufficiently to protect the consumer?

· What do you see as the least intrusive method to ensure quality performance by Home Inspectors?

· How does the Home Inspector industry, or membership associations within it, handle complaints?

To prepare for the hearings, please plan on presenting your view in a very short time frame (1-3 minutes). We'll try to allow each to get their point across, and ask that you be mindful so that others can get an opportunity. If you wish to provide extensive testimony, please submit written comments and use your speaking time to summarize key points.

We ask that everyone remember that these are public hearings and we'll certainly do our best to allow anything reasonable to be presented, although we do have time constraints.

We will make every attempt to follow the above plan, however, in the interest of hearing a broad perspective on the issue we reserve the right to modify the order, the time allowed and topic for testimony.

Thank you,

Bruce Chunn

Department of Licensing

1125 Washington St. SE

PO Box 9030

Olympia, WA 98507-9030

Mail Stop 48027

Phone (360) 902-0119

Email: bchunn@dol.wa.gov

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