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Bonding downspouts

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Looked at a pool today where a metal gutter downspout was within 4' of the pool.Normally these are outside of the immediate pool area.I always check screen enclosures for bonding if they are within 5' of the pool .Would this downspout qualify for bonding.I looked in the NEC at 680.26 (B)(5) but I am not sure that is referring to my question.


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Originally posted by Norm

NEC 680.26(B)(5) refers to all metal within 5 feet of the waterline. A metal gutter downspout would be included and, therefore, must be bonded.


Just so the truly pool-uninitiated (me) can get the story straight, exactly why is it so important to have any and all metal bonded near the pool? I'm sure we all know the general idea, but I'd like to hear the specific, informed version of it. I have a house with a pool tomorrow, being considered by a friend, and I'd like to know what the heck I'm talking about if I have to write it up for that.

Brian G.

My Favorite Pool is 8 Ball [:-dev3]

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Bonding is the joining of all metal parts of a system in order to create an equal potential plane. This insures that electrical current will not vary from one portion of the to another. When you come into contact with two conductive objects at the same time which possess the same electrical potential you're likely to be safe. If there's an electrical difference between the two objects ZAP.


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