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E&O Insurance: Save Money and Time with OREP


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Hello this is David Brauner, Senior Broker at OREP. I've been providing E&O for inspectors for over 16 years. We're writing to share with you the exciting new changes to the OREP program: lower premiums, broader coverage and a new streamlined application with coverage in 24-48 hours. Now you can save time and money with OREP!

Below are highlights of the program. (www.orep.org)

Click our Streamlined Self-Rater Application. Complete it in minutes, and submit it with payment the same day! No hassles, no wait, and the broadest coverage at the best rates.

Here is a story from Working RE magazine, "Cutting Expenses as Business Slows: Why Canceling Your E&O Can Really Cost You!" (PDF), that many inspectors are finding very valuable. It discusses prior acts, claims made and more. (http://www.orep.org/cutting-expenses-as ... -slows.pdf.)

OREP Program Highlights

> "A" Rated Carrier (Lloyds), choice of deductibles

> Included: Premiums cover all inspectors in your company for one low premium (see table below).

> Included: Additional Insured for Agents and other Referring Parties

> Included: Termite & Radon coverage

> Included: Commercial Inspections, Pool, Septic, New Construction/Code Compliance

> Included: Prior Acts Available for qualified applicants

> Contingent Bodily Injury (BI) and Property Damage (PD) coverage available. Provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage claims that arise out of professional services as an inspector (at the job).

> Beginning inspectors (less than three years experience) may qualify with related experience such as construction, remodeling, engineering, training, certification and licensing. If qualified, same low rates apply.

> Same Day Financing available

> General Liability Available

> Includes subscription to Working RE Magazine, access to Group Medical (Calif. Residents), education and other benefits.

Coverage Amount -------------Premium

(Covers All Inspectors)

$100,000 limit ------------------ $1,750

$300,000 Limit ------------------$2,150

$500,000 Limit ------------------ $2,350

$1,000,000 Limit ---------------- $2,700

Premiums do not include taxes and fees (Approx. $300-$400)

Please call with any questions: (888) 347-5273 (toll free); info@orep.org Link to OREP site: http://www.orep.org/home-inspectors-e&o.htm

A subscription to WRE is included with OREP membership.

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