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Garage Register


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Came across this situation yesterday. The seller works for an HVAC company. He also had a lot of nice toys in the garage, so I assume he spends a fair amount of time in there.

He wanted to keep warm so he installed this 12" duct with a damper to open and close. My concern is the location of "register" to the combustion of the furnace.

R309.1.2 says of garages; ducts shall be of approved materials and, "shall have no openings in the garage."

Is there a problem having the register so close to combustion?

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A supply register is ok close to combustion - a return register can't be within 10' of any combustion source as it can develope enough pressure to draw combustion gases out of the combustion chamber and distribute them through the house.

But supply or not you can't have forced air registers in a garage.

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This furnace looks like it is elavated the 18 inches and is an auxilary heat source for the garage and not connected to the home's heating system. So why would this supply register not be allowed? There would be no fear of fumes infiltrating back into the home with this being a seperate system.

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You got it Randy, this heater was used for the entire home and when you turned that damper lever you got a huge shot of air that made a difference in the amount of air flow in the interior of the home.

Thanks for the input.

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