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AZ Home Seller Looking For help

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I received this e-mail today. If anyome has a suggestion let me know.


We are in the process to sell a "little" Property with a Travel Trailer (set up as a mobil home). After many problems with the realtor Devon Garberick ( Venture Out of Mesa 5001 Main Street Mesa AZ 85205) with all the tricks to get here a fee for cutting trees and so on, he came up with the Termite Inspection by law. If we would have Termites we have to pay $ 400.- + for the Treatment. We did Treatments every Year and never had Termites. I did ask the Realtor for the report from the Inspector after he told me that we have Termites. He declined to make the report available to me. I was asked to remove constriction wood from underneath the trailer, otherwise it would cost an aditional $ 50.-.

When I removed the wood I had a Termite Treatment Guy with me who just did Treatment on our New house. He could not find any Termite Investation. We both inspected every piece of wood from under the Trailer. There was not a single sign for Termites.

I called Mr. Gasrberick to ask for the report. He said he had called the Inspector and he stays by his Report.

What can I do. We got only about $ 23.000 for the property and we are low income seniors.

I would appreciate your advice.

Wolfgang Berger

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The termite inspector is required to give a copy of the report to the lender, you can get a copy from them. The report should list exactly what they found.

This is called a termite inspection by Realtors but it is actually a Wood infestation inspection.

It is possible that they did not find termites but found conditions conducive to termites, (i.e. the wood under or next to the unit.)

This would create something that needs to be corrected before closing.

If the termite guy that was with you when you removed the wood will write you a clean report and submit it to the lender and the Structural Pest Control Commission you should be fine. It is not uncommon for someone to hire a different inspector for the re-inspect or an additional inspection.

The average rate for a termite inspection here is $35-$75. re-inspects range from $10 to $100

That's right some companies charge a little to inspect the first time and $100 for a re-inspect.

Have your guy write you a clean report or call me and I can give you the name of a local termite company.

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