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Making The Wife Laugh

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I just ran across this little list I posted over at ASHI back in December. My theory is that since you're bound to make your wife mad, you'd better learn to make her laugh (balance). Here are some of my proven winners, free of charge.

1. I'm the man, that means I'm in charge.

2. Don't make me have to bust you up, woman.

3. You just do like I tell you to do.

4. You'd better watch it, or I'll cut you off.

5. I'll be back, when I get back, if I come back. Understand? (Fred Sanford)

6. I've been thinking, and I don't think so.

7. Wife: "I'm cold." Me: "I know baby, but I love you anyway."

8. Wife: "I'm hot." Me: "It's just 'cause you're thinking about me baby."

9. Don't make me have to throw you out of MY house.

10. Hey babe, how about sexing me up while I watch football highlights?

My wife finds all of those endlessly funny.

Brian G.

Marriage Comedy Genius [:-dev3]

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