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Non-Invasive Moisture Meters


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I currently have 2 moisture meters, an Extech & a GE Mini Protimeter. Well, the other day the Extech got smashed (Don't know how, I think a little troll broke in and did it)

There are a few non invasive meters out there now that I'm looking into. I have only used the meters a few times in my young career, and I got a little worried about probing in and leaving 2 small holes.

Are non invasive good through drywall? When do other inspectors use Non-invasive instead of the probes?

I'm just wondering what others use & when?



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My noninvasive meter of choice is the Tramex Moisture Encounter. It has a learning curve but I find it better on drywall than the Protimeter SM. The SM is my meter of choice around toilets, tubs, showers and anything with tile.

I use a moisture meter when I see signs that tell me to investigate further.

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My experience and preferences are exactly the same as Scott's. I would add, though, that the corded pin set that comes with the Surveymaster comes in *really* handy when taking pin readings at rafter tails, when you want to take the reading around a corner or on top of a beam, or have to reach far overhead or reach around the side of a ladder - it's the meter I take into attics and crawl space. Also, it's pocketable, whch the Tramex is not.

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