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Angry homeowners take to the web


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I used to have two links on my web to consumer based complaint sites that dealt with problematic builder issues.

Both sites want donations. One is run by someone who I have no respect at all. He is very politically motivated to harm a very specific builder, Perry Homes. Bob Perry is 180 degrees against the complainer's active political aspirations. Details are omitted to keep things clean.

Perhaps neither side is objective or blameless by a long shot. Both twist arms for political purposes and the complainer's websites are proof of a lack of tact and reasonable intent.

Still we need to protect the public from the abuses of the extreme factions regardless of their objectives. It seems that is always money behind the situation. That desire to increase profits does cause some builders to cut far too many corners. Quality can and often does suffer when minimizing proper workmanship values and standards to increase profits.

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