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HVAC chart

Chad Fabry

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Interesting, but I think it's all blending together.

I tear these things up w/my tech buddy, and honestly, the heat exchangers all the look the same, feel the same, and unless there's a difference in molecular structure, they are the "same". Even the new Goodman stuff has most of the same basic components as Cat I Carrier & Trane.

Globalization is erasing the distinguishing characteristics of furnaces, and just about everything else.

Take, for example, windows. Thermastar vinyl sliders are being flogged as Pella, and they are, but they are some cheap goods. For $300, though, it's amazing how much operable glazing can be had for so little dinero.

They're all using the same equipment to mfg., Jeld-Wen is buying everyone, and it's probably gonna be a Jeld-Wen world.

Am I wrong? Someone tell me if I am.

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Originally posted by Chad Fabry

I have not checked this for accuracy.


"ELECTRIC-FURNACE-MAN: Last listed in 1979. "

Electric Furnace Man (e-f-m) is still going strong. The company goes back to 1922 when it came out with the first home coal stoker. That's where the unusual name came from. They're still producing coal stoker boilers today. With the price of heating oil ($2.80 a gallon), I'm looking long and hard at them.

Electric Furnace Man

e-f-m coal stoker boiler

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