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Direct vent flues

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I just read this the other day in my Code Check tablet. Its a variation on the 2/10 rule, basically, 2/8: "If closer than 8 feet toa wall, vent must extend 2 feet above roof."

That framed chimney isn't exactly a wall. I might try explaining that wind oscillations on the downwind side of the framed chimney would possibly cause backdrafting of the flue, on occasion.

But more importantly, you appear to have the manufacturer's identity. They are the best advocate you can probably have. What do they say?

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I just inspected a Heat-N-Glo gas fire place and found their product installation manuals on the web at http://www.heatnglo.com/products/fireplaces/index.asp. The model I inspected was SL-550TRS-D. There was a table in the installation manual showning minimum height from roof to lowest discharge opening (bottom of termination cap). The required height above the roof depends on roof pitch. The roof I inspected was 6/12 and required height above roof was a minimum of 12". The termination cap is also suppose to be 2' minimum from a vertical wall or horizontal overhang.

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