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Florida Legislation

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The 2004 legislative session ended last night. The proposed home inspection legislation never made it to the floor for a vote. Senate bill S2016 died in messages (whatever that is) and House Bill H979 died in Committee on insurance. That's it for another year. We, here in Florida, remain un-regulated. Makes no never mind to me.


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Who Is Joe B.?

Joe B. joined ashi up in Tampa and found out to be a member he needed 250 inspections. However he would not be listed until he did 250 inspections and passed all the other stuff. Well he wanted to do inspection for I think $99 or $1 to get listed. Then he realized ashi was not for him so he joined another HI org.

He kept bitching about ashi on the boards and then came the HI bill in fl. Well he thought it was unfair that you had to be in business for three years and have 250 inspections to be grandfathered. Well he just was pissed and felt is was an ashi conspiracy.

There is more but it ain't worth it.


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To refresh your mind, here is a quote from something Joe B. wrote on another forum.

"FLORIDA LICENSING UPDATE - Florida Home Inspector licensing is officially dead for another year, the Florida senate adjourned for the year without taking action.

The bill was poorly written, biased, was a barrier to free trade and never had a chance of becoming law. Now is the time to begin organizing for next year when the same old tired group of inspection wizards will attempt to get laws passed that will insure their continuation while forcing honest hard working tax-payers out of business. Mark my word the inspection-Gestapo will return with more junk legislation, you will know them by their fruits.

On the other hand, NACHI is working closely with legislators here in Florida and will continue to monitor licensing news as it happens. By this time next year there will be 10 or more local NACHI chapters in Florida to make sure that when licensing comes it will be fair to each and every home inspection business currently performing inspections in Florida.

Joe Burkeson, President SouthShore NACHI"

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