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coil wrap on exterior corner window sill


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I sure hope you guys can help. I had vinyl replacement windows installed and the trim wrapped with aluminum coil. Putting it mildly the installers didn't do things right...putting putty on the ends of the sills instead of wrapping the aluminum around etc.

They have corrected most of the errors but one thing still doesn't look right. It is an outside corner where I have one window on one side and then two windows on the other. They made a mitered corner and butted up the raw edges of the aluminum and then globbed putty between. I think that the aluminum should not have a break at the corner and the sill should be covered in one piece from the end of one window, around the corner and then end at the end of the other two windows. They say their break will not work for pieces that long.

Please tell me the best way.


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Crappy coil stock wraps are just that. I think you have the basic understanding; you just don't have someone that's competent to perform the work.

Heck, they essentially said they don't have the right tool(s) for the job. Telling them the "right" way to do it isn't going to get you anywhere.

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It needs to be installed from the bottom up and configured so that it drains from one piece to another. You can miter that last horizontal piece at the top of the window so that it looks like mitered trim but the side upright pieces should not be mitered at the top and the mitered piece should overlap the side pieces to give the appearance of a mitered butt joint. No goop is necessary if it's done right.

Kurt is right, if they don't have the tools they aren't competent to be doing the work. If they don't have the right tools to properly brake the coil stock, how can you have confidence that they've installed the new windows so they won't leak? There could be a lot more there that you don't see that will have even worse consequences for the home down the road.

Go here and look at some of the stuff in this search string. You'll be able to read the first 100 words. If you want an article, send it to the shopping cart and then pay with a credit card at the end.

http://www.jlconline.com/cgi-bin/jlconl ... emplate/44



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Well Mike, there should be a little goop. If all the joints are caulked it's usually to cover up crappy work.

On a corner window I would prefer to see the sill done in two parts, one for each side of the mitre, because there is room for far more overlap and usually (with a skilled tradesmen) results in a cleaner mitre and a crisper corner. If that same sill were one piece, it would only be uncut on the vertical face and there would be very little metal left to lap under the mitre. A quality trim job will also feature metal bent to closely conform to the wood beneath it, laps on both the face and return sides of all joints, and very few if any nails visible on the face of the trim.


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