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Maxtor Saves the Day!

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I came back from an inspection this afternoon to find that my faithful Dell would not boot up. It said a particular OS file was "missing or corrupted", and I couldn't get it to do squat. I had a report to write. We reinstalled Windows XP and the Maxtor software, accessed the back-up disk, and told it to copy itself to the C-Drive. All of that took a while, but it worked! I've temporarily lost a few things that weren't backed-up, but not much. Whew! [:-wiltel]

I guess I'll try to find some help to fix the original problem early next week, see if I can get it all back. For now, the M.A.X. kept me from being D.O.A. Another tip of the hat to Kurt and Mark for bringing it up in the first place...Gracias gentlemen. [:-tophat]

Brian G.

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