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Firestop caulking in Residential Wiring


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Both NEC and IRC require the firestop to be "rated":

IRC-317.3.1.2 Penetration firestop system.

Penetrations shall be protected by an approved penetration firestop system installed as tested in accordance with ASTM E 814 or UL 1479, with a minimum positive pressure differential of 0.01 inch of water (3 Pa) and shall have an F rating of not less than the required fire-resistance rating of the wall or floor/ceiling assembly penetrated.

NEC-300.21 Spread of Fire or Products of Combustion.

Electrical installations in hollow spaces, vertical shafts, and ventilation or air-handling ducts shall be made so that the possible spread of fire or products of combustion will not be substantially increased. Openings around electrical penetrations through fire-resistant-rated walls, partitions, floors, or ceilings shall be firestopped using approved methods to maintain the fire resistance rating. The intent of 300.21 is that cables, cable trays, and raceways be installed through rated wall, floor, and ceiling assemblies in such a manner that they do not contribute to the spread of fire or the products of combustion.There are different methods from caulk to insulation, that I've seen used. I would refer to the AHJ for specific requirements in your area.

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