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Hello everyone,

I want your funny stories.

My radio show has been running for 7 weeks now and I recently found out that we are expanding to a 2 hour program.

I like to try and open with a funny story.

So far I talked about:

Using rotten bananas to test toilets.[:-jester]

Home owners that don't want to get dressed while the house is being inspected.[:-dev3]

Adult toys found under a hot tub. (and in the attic)[:I]

160 packages of cocaine found in the attic.[:-blindfold]

I even used Katens story about being overcome by CO in the easy chair.[:-crazy]

So come on, open up and share.[:-sing]

No, I won't be sending you a T-shirt if I use your story, But I will give you credit when I tell it.

I doesn't have to be about Home inspections,

maybe it's about a re-model you are trying to complete at 3:00 am because tomorrow your in-laws are coming over to stay for a while.[:-banghead]

Mike, pour me another and let's here what everyone has to share.


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Here is a story that happened to my dad. About 15 years ago, he was in a garage and started to test the electric garage door opener. He pushed the button and one of the doors started to raise. Suddenly there was a loud yelping and he saw a small dog slowly being hanged by its leash. He frantically pushed the button and lowered the door while making sure that dog did not get crushed as the door lowered. He went outside through another door and discovered that after he inspected the exterior, the thoughtful homeowner had brought the dog outside and tied it to the garage door handle so it would not be in the way. Fortunately, the dog was fine except for a little excitement.

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