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B.C. Is First To License Canadian Inspectors


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January 30, 2009 - Vancouver, B.C.

B.C. will become the first province in Canada to license home inspectors to better protect buyers and ensure qualified inspections, Solicitor General and Minister responsible for consumers, John van Dongen announced today.

“A home is the single biggest investment most British Columbians make but financial risk can be the result of an incorrect or misleading report from an unqualified inspector,â€

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I notice that the only associations that they are allowing are the three that are in BC and that ASHI, NAHI, AII and the soap opera are excluded. After reading these two articles, I'm left wondering if the impetus for this was the furor a year or so ago over the BC TV news reporter that managed to get herself "certified" by the soap opera after taking that non-proctored online test.

I wonder if any BC inspectors are going to want reciprocity with inspectors down here and vice versa?



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It would be nice to see the actual regulations, but it doesn't appear that is ready yet(?).

I found this little nugget on the FAQs page...

Q. Why does the Home Inspector Licensing Regulation prohibit conflict of interest? Can I still accept referrals from realtors?

A. Consumers pay for a service and this service should not be compromised or influenced by another person with an interest in the property. Realtors should provide potential home buyers with the website or telephone number of the BPCPA, or one of the acceptable associations or authorities that have contact information for licensees or members.

Anyone up there know if this is a total ban on all agent referrals? Have Realtors been informed?

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OK, I didn't find that. Thanks.

I don't see anything in there about agent referrals. I also just looked through the COEs of the 3 associations and didn't see anything there either. The Q&A would suggest there was some change, but I can't find any evidence of it. I guess it does say "Realtors should provide potential home buyers...etc", not "Realtors must..."

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