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Heeeeeeerrrrrrre Comes Meth Testing !!!


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By Eric Eyre - Staff writer, The Charleston Gazette

When Sam Wood inspects a home, he routinely checks for roof leaks, unstable foundations and rotted floor joists.

Last week, he added another option to his inspection arsenal: methamphetamine testing.

Wood, owner of Advantage Home & Environment Inspections in South Charleston, recently purchased a meth scanner after attending a home inspection conference in Orlando, Fla.

The hand-held CDEX ID2 Meth Scanner uses ultraviolet light to identify even trace amounts of the illegal drug within seconds.

"We had gotten calls from people who ask, 'Can you test for meth or do you know someone who cleans up meth?'" Wood said. "I saw the meth scanner as being a real quick and easy testing process. It's non-intrusive. I don't have to touch any surfaces."

The scanner is pricey - $4,990. But Wood predicts he'll find many uses for it.

To read the rest of the article in the Charleston Gazette, click here.

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What kind of liability issues do home inspectors face by adding methamphetamine testing to their list of home inspection services? Are there any problems with reporting false positives or negatives using this type of scanner? I get calls on a weekly basis requesting the service, If there is a reliable testing method it could be a great added value to clients.

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