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WIndow Installation Details

Steven Hockstein

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We are performing construction administration on a new home that we designed and today we found that all of the Andersen Windows have been improperly installed. The framer insisted that that is the way they always do it and that they have been trained by Andersen. Apparently, they always do it wrong and he is full of it. After a discussion with our Andersen Rep and the general contractor, the windows are now all being removed and reinstalled because the improper installation voids the warranty. The framer is now going to take three times as long then if he did it right and actually read the directions that come with every window.

Andersen has updated their installation requirements and I thought it would be helpful to share this information for those of you that work with clients during new construction.

http://www.andersenwindows.com/servlet/ ... inary=true

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Compare this to the installation instructions posted above and you will see what I mean. Apparently, Andersen Windows has had some feedback for leakage in the past (for water infiltration), but the problems were traced to installation defects.

Aside from the flashing and wrap mistakes, they were being installed with 8 penny nails.

Andersen has tried to make their instructions simple, yet precise. I think even if you can't read, the pictures should show the basics.

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Your Chatham project?

Just a heads up; Pic #2 by, the time the landscaper adds the top soil, you may not have the 8 inches from ground to sheathing.

I don't know what you are talking about [:-taped] [;)]

The grading is temporary. We have an engineered grading plan that has yet to be completed. There is still some soil to be removed from the site.

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