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Roof heaving?


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Is the separation in the picture below a result of the roof heaving? If facing the front of the house, this is on the left side. yes the white is sunlight.

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The truss 3rd from the left is missing a back side web member.

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The truss 4th from the left front side has a fractured web member.

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This is the house BTW,,,,

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Another BTW, yes I did look through out the house for other signs such as wall/ceiling cracks but found none. BUT! The whole interior of the house was painted about 2 weeks ago. So if there were any cracks, I wouldn't be seeing them.

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Is that the firewall on the side in the first photo that you can see daylight?

I don't think that is uplift, it looks more like a flashing problem. What did it look like from the outside, or could you even get to it? Definitely need to comment on the missing and damaged truss members.

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Yes that is the firewall. The gap is over an inch I could fit index and middle finger in it. And I could not get a good look from the outside, too high (ladder didn;t reach) and covered by a tree. I have a roofing buddy and we are setting it up to go back with his gear and take a better look.

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