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Learning The In's and Out's of Historic Homes

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by Mike O'Handley, Editor

As summer draws to a close, thousands of home inspectors around the country, who’ve just had one of their busiest seasons in years, are seeking ways to garner the balance of their annual continuing education credits for either their state licensing requirement or professional organization. A great many will do so by attending one or more of the larger educational conferences, but will dread writing another check, knowing that they’ll have to sit through two or three days of the same old repetitious conference fare.

Well, for those of you who appreciate historic homes and whose inspection practice consists of largely older housing stock, the solution is near at hand. Get on the phone now, make an airline reservation to New York and plan to be in Kingston, NY on September 13th and 14th for the second annual Historic Homes Seminar, hosted by the Hudson Valley Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Just a 90-minute rental car drive from JFK to the foothills of the Catskills, this year’s two day conference is worth up to 12 ½ continuing education credits for at least two states and ASHI®. Conference fare consists of classes specific to older homes - cedar and metal roofs; framing; historic home analysis; one-pipe steam systems; masonry and foundations and vintage plumbing.

With the current cost of a one-way ticket to New York on at least one major airline from anywhere in the country being as little as $89, and with a total conference cost of only $305 for non-ASHI members – less if you register early - this conference is a bargain. Toss in area hotel costs that are little more than half of what you’ll pay in the better-known conference venues, as well as a historic buildings tour, and it’s a steal.

For more information, log onto the HVASHI site and start packing those bags.

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