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Extra plumbing?


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A homeowners attempt at a trap or island vent? Honestly, I've never seen anything like that before. Is there a P trap and vent for that drain pipe? Somethings definitely screwed up there.

I've been sitting here pondering the reason why that extra? piping should not be there. All I can come up with is that some crud may not scour out of the pipe, so bacteria growth will probably occur. If that pipe is above the trap, which is appears to be, then it'll probably stink up that room.

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Some one had a bunch of extra fittings laying around, but none of them were what they needed. No problem, just burn up $20 bucks worth of fittings instead of going to get a $8 trap set. More of the benefits of HGTV.


PS. Brandon types really fast. He's jumped ahead of me on all three of these posts. I...can't...catch...my....breath.

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