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Which word to use ????


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We have not had a good rant in a while so I thought I’d throw one in.

First off let me say, I’m no grammarian and I don’t play one on TV but there are a few (way too often) misused words that bug me! Just because they sound alike does not mean one can use them interchangeably! Misuse of these sound-alike words will, in my opinion, make the writer appear less intelligent than he otherwise would. I know I’m guilty of comma crimes but correct word choice is an easy one to rectify.

Here is the short list of those words that, when misused, make me cringe.

Your vs You’re

Your: A possessive form of you. "I like your flashlight", she said.

You’re: An abbreviated form of “you areâ€

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moot, mute, site, sight, cite, piece, peace, efflorescence, effervescence, dryer, drier, led, lead, through, threw, affect, effect, exaggerate, exacerbate, entomology, etymology, bus, buss. All useful words...pick the correct one though because they're not interchangeable.

I compiled these words and about 200 others from posts on Active Rain. Whenever my blood pressure is too low I go there to read helpful advice from professional home inspectors.

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