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Is this a bad idea?


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I am using T8 "shop lights in the ceilign of my detached garage. ABout10 of them. They are the type with a cord and plug.

I am putting an outlet for each light in the ceilign and planed on having everythign protected by a 20 amp GFCI breaker.

Will the inspector say that that is a problem because if the breaker trips, I will have no lights? I have the back 6 lights installed, I could still buy the 4 remaining in a non plug in variety and wire to a separate non GFCI circuit.

To be honest I currently have the six lights I have installed running on an extension cord to my GFCI outlet at the house and it has never triped the GFCI. I need the plug in lights so I can work in there at night and to be honest they are pretty handy to move around. They are also cheaper than the non corded types.

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