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Why do they do this?


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After going through the recent hurricane I can't help but wonder what posesses Florida residents to plant Ficus Trees.

Sure they grow fast, they can grow vertically 3 to 4 feet or more a year. The foilage is abundant enough to provide a great deal of shade and the drip line grows faster than the vertical height. Problem is these guys are water hogs. In order to nourish themselves in our sandy well percolating soil the root system is a thick horizontal mat which usually doesn't go deeper than 15-18 inches below grade. There are no vertical stabilizing roots whatsoever. During high wind conditions the trees uproot and fall damaging structures, vehicles, and humans.

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Wow, I've learned something today. All this time I thought a freakin' ficus tree was a fake plant you bought in a bucket! I had no idea there was a real tree with that name.

Now I must go out and amaze everyone I know with my new found knowledge!!

One thing that amazes me is, what appears to be the lack of regulation on mobile homes in Florida. How many times do they have to be blown away before they're regulated a little more? (at least, that is how it looks like on the outside looking in)

I guess the same could be said about mobile homes and the Midwest also.


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You were absolutely correct regarding the BEER. Trust me I will never make that mistake again. As to the mobile homes, here in Florida they are regulated by the State of Florida Dept. of Transportation not the Florida Building Code. I do have one question which applies nationwide. How do tornados always find mobile home parks?


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