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Plastic Sqaure D panel


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Hello all,

I ran into this Square D electrical panel today. The door and dead panel are made of brittle plastic. I could not get the plastic screws into the correct position to remove the panel to expose the wiring. The breakers as viewed from the front were new to me and the whole set up looked as though it were a complete unit.

I am wondering if any of you out there have had experience with this type of panel and are there any considerations I might pass on. (There are other electrical isssues with the home and I have recommended that an licensed electrician take a look at the home)

Thanks, all your input is appreciated.


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I had this panel last week. Tough time getting the cover off (had to line up arrows on screws and pull hard); tougher time getting the cover back on. Finally had to line up pins (got them into hole) and pounded on each corner. After that, adjusted arrows so it was tight. All in all, I'd say about 10 minutes taking cover off, 15 minutes getting it back on. Next time should be quicker.


About the House (new name)

Succasunna NJ

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