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Exhaust vent


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This is an exhaust vent for an on demand boiler that serves the radiant heat system for the driveway / sidewalk (Bet brother Dirks wishes he had one of these today.)

Is the exhaust too close to the soffit? Can't find anything in the installation manual.

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It looks like there is some discoloration already starting at the fascia board above (mold?). A two foot section of PVC would be very cheap, would extend it beyond the gutter and, perhaps most importantly, stop the condensation trying to ice up the intake. Just based on the existing conditions, I would recommend that no matter what the manual says or doesn't say.

That first photo should be sent to the manufacturer with the suggestion that they include something in their manual about off-setting the exhaust and intake to prevent one dripping onto the other...if you want.

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The whole installation is goofy...


The first thing that comes to mind is vehicular impact and passenger damage to the system.

The unit could have been installed higher and over to the left (left of the support pilaster/column) where it could have vented at the gable side of the house and not garage eaves. A concentric vent termination kit could have been added. I don’t see purple on the white vent.

By placing the unit higher he could have saved on elbows. The oversized, roller coaster primary and secondary loops tell me that he got lost midway in the process. The job could have occupied 1/3 the space.

I don’t see a readily accessible gas shut off. It could be hiding at the top of the unit; nonetheless, I like to see it at eye level.

The expansion tank is supported by the SPIROVENT and attached tubing. The tank should be supported to avoid undue stress on the controls.

The copper is supported with what looks like galvanized strapping (can’t tell from the photo). The bottom horizontal lines (to the bottom left side of the unit) look unsupported.

The appliance needs isolation valves on both supply and return. The location of the return isolation valve is too far from the appliance to be of any use.

The valve for the top vent at the primary loop appears closed. (Actually it is closed and begs the question: Why?)

His electrical controls are scattered all over the wall not to mention the workmanship and unsupported BX.

The hidden switch is a nice touch


How much area does the system service? Is the single loop sufficient?

Did you observe an outside sensor?

Is the system glycol protected?

Do we need a double check valve at the supply?

Why do we need two secondary pumps?

Where does the red line, next to the gas line terminate?

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