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Home Check ... anyone can inspect

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I posted this over at the ASHI forum this morning as well.


I'm reluctant to post this link as it will likely drive traffic up at the owner's website, but I have to share a marketing spin that is further minimizing the expertise needed in our profession.

I'm also concerned about possible copyright infringement with the Code-Check series and have passed this along to Douglas Hansen already.

Review the marketing spin for the target markets.

This is from the paragraph for the Brokers & RE Agents ... pretty slick:

Gives you and your agents a tool to assess not only the house when it comes to fair market pricing but also used as a tool to grade Professional Inspectors you might be depending on and recommending to your clients.

All the inspectors involved with the website are licensed by TREC and they are all "newly" licensed.

One is also an "Elvis impersonator" ... wonder if that is part the inspection as well?

Home Check Book

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I submitted a question to the CEO/Owner of TIF as it appeared there was an indication that "someone" at his group was a member of ASHI at some level or another.

I was questioning whom that may be and/or if there was truly an affiliation with ASHI.

I was surprised and pleasant pleased with a response I got from the CEO/Owner of the site noting that there was 'not' anyone so affiliated with ASHI and that he advised his webmaster to make appropriate changes and also advised his 'team' to join any of the recognized home inspection organizations that they felt inclined to do so ... AND advise him of same so they could appropriately note same on the website.

Now ... it will be interesting to see if the owners of Code Check find anything amiss with TIF's Home Check product.

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