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The Mother of ALL Lights


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This light won't replace an Ultrastinger, Fenix or the newly discovered Olight, but I've been drooling over it for a year now and want to know if anyone else has seen or used it. It's the Streamlight H.I.D. Litebox and it's a monster @ 1 mil candela! It's also a monster on the wallet @ $800, but I've seen it listed at opticsplanet.com for around $400. Still pretty expensive, but it looks like it would really be outstanding in an attic, crawl or even the occasional after dark exterior.

Here's the link and be sure to look at the ****H.I.D. Movie****.


Does anyone have any first hand experience with this baby?

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I played with one at the cop supply store that services my Ultra Stingers. I've got to say, it does put out an amazing beam. It would be great for doing the interior of a barn, but would really be overkill for an attic or crawlspace.

As for an exterior after dark, no way would I attempt it with a flashlight, no matter how powerful. I'd come back during daylight hours.

Drool no more.

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Thats a lot of light and a lot of $$$$. I guess I am cheap. I'd like to think frugal but, even my kids say cheap. I thought the deal I got at Costco today was great. A pair of 160 lumen flashlights with a low battery indicator, two levels of brightness, and adjustable focus for $16. I can't see spending hundreds of dollars for a light. That's just me.

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