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Whew. Unless you're with a class and an experienced instructor, you can be all over the map with resources.

"Residential Energy" by John Krigger and Chris Dorsi is probably the single-most helpful text.

If you don't have it, you won't be able to get it by Monday though.

Thanks for the information, I have that book and have read it several times. The math seems to get me especially that @#$% triangle[:-monkeyd

I am having trouble with the ARI website, there must be an age limit when it comes to looking up equipment because I am unable to make it work.

Another is figuring out C, n, p and R. It gets a little confusin at times.

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Have you taken any training or just taking the test? I took the exam 2 years ago and did not find it very difficult but I took a course with the exam at the end. There could be as many as 5 - 10 "math" questions. Do you have any hands on experience with the equipment? The questions on zone pressure differences can be tricky.

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Took the test today, kick in the shorts, I passed though. I took the Krigger course through his company Saturn. Then was accepted into Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program for hands on and the test.

One question was, I believe, if a building uses 58,500000 BTU's annually, to heat with electric resistance, how much would it cost annually if a KWh was 13 cents?

I purchased a blower door through Minneapolis, already had thermal. I bought the Fyrite Insight combustion gas analyzer, I love that thing.

Have to figure out some marketing.

Thank you for the information and feedback. [:-monkeyd

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