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Only that any HI course that costs $600 is probably not worth the paper that the textbooks are printed on. If you want to be a home inspector, you have to realize that you are entering a line of work where a single screwup can cost someone their life savings, wipe you out financially and cost you your livelihood, your home and your self-esteem. You'd be a fool or worse to try and do it on the cheap.

There are hundreds of inspectors who come into this business every year who "think" they've learned what they need to know from a $400 to $600 investment in one of those correspondence courses in the do-it-yourselfer magazines that promise earnings of $100 an hour or more. Most of them don't last two years, and the one's who do are typically reviled by the rest of us because they're skills are so wanting that they can't get referrals, so they undercut everyone's prices.

Then there are those who stay in business by becoming toadies to less-than-honorable real estate agents by minimizing issues and writing "non-alarmist" reports. They perpetuate the idea that we're all less than competent and in league with crooked agents. They too eventually go out of business, because, without realizing what they've done, they end up pricing themselves out of business. In their wake, they leave unhappy customers who complain bitterly to everyone they know about "those damned home inspectors."

If you want to invest effort in your new future, then by all means, invest in it. Attend one of the reputable in-residence courses at schools around the country, or, if you must do it via correspondence, check out Carson Dunlop's on-line courses or attend a local community college which is using the C-D material for their curriculum.



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