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Ideal 61-059/61-165 tester upgrade

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Ideal 61-059/61-165 tester upgrade

Originally Posted by Jeff Merritt the interNACHI site, reposted by permission:


Is this true?



Since we last talked, Ideal discovered a software conflict that affects

the testing of AFCI on the NEW dual protection style Siemens, Murrey and

GE circuit breakers. We have worked with the engineers at these companies

to resolve this issue and a free software upgrade is now available.

The IDEAL models 61-059 and 61-165 are affected. We have had a shipping

hold on these items since the problem was identified in February. We are

now shipping product. Please ship your unit to Ideal San Diego for free

software update and/ or repair or replacement. See attachment for the

shipping address and be sure to include your return address. These will be

returned to you upon upgrade. Please allow 14 days for turn around.

Could you please also notify the other members of iNACH who own

either of these testers and let them know that they should return them

directly to the same address in the attachment above for free upgrade

installation. Members who own the model IDEAL 61-058 ( the earlier version

of the 61-059) can send these to the Ideal San Diego location with a check

for $80 payable to ideal and they will receive a new 61-059.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to call me directly if you have any

additional questions regarding this return process.

Send to


Att: AFCI Tester Upgrade

9650 Chesapeake Drive

San Diego, CA 92123

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