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Heat-N-Glo fireplace

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I hate these things!

I couldn't find the manufacturer's plate so I don't know the model number. After going through the majority of the installation instructions that are on-line I can't find anything that says don't do this. Same with Code Check

The unit vents through an adjoining garage wall and appears to get its combustion air from the garage as well. See the picture that follows.

What, if anything would you say about this?

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Vent on left provides make-up air for the above unit.

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Thanks Brandon and Marc.

I never thought about the separation issue. I'm not sure if this municipality has a garage fire stop code but I can check. I was thinking more a long the lines of fumes entering the house from the garage.

The flue does have a 2" clearance to the back wall. The storage unit on the right does not have the recommended clearance which I have already reported and it will be moved (supposedly) [;)].

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The rating plate for HeatNGlo fireplaces is located on the floor of the valve compartment. Looks like a typical 6000 direct vent using the old Simpson Dura-Vent 8-5/8" co-axial pipe.

This is a direct vent gas appliance. That vent to the left of the direct vent pipe has nothing to do with this fireplace. HG vent pipe carries a clearance to combustibles of 1" off the sides and bottom; 3" off the top. That penetration must be both components of the listed firestop assembly.

If you install it into normal residential construction to the listed instructions, you are in compliance with the current model building codes. Don't overthink factory built fireplaces--they've done the hard part for you. Just learn where to find those rating plates, document the make, model, serial # and hopefully mfg date code so you can research it later back at the office. You can also refer them to an NFI Gas Specialist to inspect and service it.


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